Well loved on Willow Oak...

Today we say goodbye and farewell to our "homiest" home we've ever "homed". New owners are moving in with their sweet kiddos and eager visions, just before the holidays and I can imagine their excitement. I know what that feels like. When we arrived to our Willow Oak, my belly was full with our Bubby J (a.k.a. Everett, a.k.a. Everett-Jake-son, a.k.a., Everett JJ, a.k.a. Bubby J-Juh-luh, and many others lol). I wish I could be a fly on the wall as they turn the key and walk through our, correction, their front door and step into the open, yet cozy foyer.

Will the kids run upstairs and claim their rooms? Will Mom and Dad walk through to the kitchen, setting down the lunch they grabbed on the way, along with a manila folder with closing papers? Will they slowly walk through those first rooms, smiling and looking at each other, casting a syrupy sweet vision of their future? I really like to think so. I think I will rest in that thought actually, it's what we did?

It's hard to leave a house that became your home. While the walls were already up and painted, weren't they really built by the echoing laughter of a not yet 2 year old big brother? Didn't they hold warmth because of the slow snuggles and naps taken on a Sunday afternoon while the game played in the background? Isn't their a country song about this? Willow Oak is the house that built us. Wooshy you guys my throat just tightened up!

Man we loved this home and it sure did love us right back. So excuse me while I let out a full on #2 ugly cry, and rock myself back and forth for a minute. My husband, Dougie and I brought home two little babies to this house. We carried on Friday Night Family Night Pizza Night traditions. Punch-you-in-the-face-odor of garlic, onion and buttered-worestershire lingered in the air for days with each annual Party Mix Day- and we didn't mind at all. What a small price to pay for that freaking delicious, albeit gas inducing, chex mix where brothers, sisters in law, Yammie, Poppy and friends gathered to spray, season and rotate the mix for hours on end?!

Goodbye to the peachy-toned walls of Sissy Rosie’s nursery. Goodbye to the corner in the foyer that the boys stuck their noses into, for one too many bad choices. Farewell quiet nook next to the fireplace. You were met by me many a morning with coffee, a cozy blanket and God’s precious word. To the window that I looked through to see my my Dougie push the kids on the swing set, and grill out hotdogs- I will miss you.

We will miss these sacred walls where I know the Lord did holy work. He brought people together, He broke down barriers and healed wounds here. This house was so much more than a desirable address or neighborhood. Willow Oak welcomed us in with open and warm arms and I wish the very same for it's precious, new owners.

-Writing this to you with a grateful and teary heart, Rach.

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