We got Chicks!!

Can you feel that spring is upon us?! For a few weeks now, when we step outside I hear birds chirping all around. The winds have been warmer and we are all itching for consistently sunny spring days! Doug and I had been chatting about chickens and of course watching some beginner videos on YouTube…

And if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen, that we got some brand new fuzzy fluff ball babies last week! And we could NOT be more excited! now all the cheeping is coming from INSIDE the house!

Last Wednesday we were on our way to the park when I decided to pop into the Tractor Supply store we were passing, just to see if they had new baby chicks yet…. Turns out window shopping for baby chicks equals buying new baby chicks lol. We ended up with:

  • 3 Rhode Island Reds- the most chill and cuddly of them all!

  • 3 Green Eggers- can’t wait to have olive toned eggs!

  • 3 Golden Comets- the most nervous and “spazzy” chicks lol.

  • 2 Orpingtons- the cutest and fluffiest of the lot….sadly we did end up losing one of these babes.

Needless to say we are all in love with them! We had this water trough already on the farm but after a few days have already switched to a deeper and larger Bruder container, as they have begun to hop and jump and practice flying a bit! You can’t believe how quickly they grow And change!

Sadly, we did lose one of the Orpingtons. It was two days after we brought them home when that night, we discovered one looked as if it was sleeping but, not quite right…. Not sure how or why it happened. Sometimes you just have one that doesn’t make it. Of course this became a moment to comfort and teach the kiddos about the inevitable Cycle of life- God love their hearts!

We of course had a little service for the little bebe. Each of the kids, Doug and I shared our gratitude and fondness for it. Then the boys found a little twig to mark the spot (love their hearts).

I will need to quickly post an update on these babies because they are growing FAST!! Do you have chicks? Would you be interested in learning more about taking care of them and starting your own backyard coop? Let me know in the comments and I’ll share what we are learning!!

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