Pinky-Purple Sunrises + Freaking Mice

I am writing this to you a little past 9 p.m. about, six days since we signed thee papers that made us the happy and hopeful new owners of nearly 12 acres of land and a cutie old farmhouse! A farmhouse that was built on tree stumps- no lie! I sit here in our squashy white arm chair sipping a glass of wine and listening to a glue-trapped mouse try to chew his way FREE- I’ll stop there and let your imagination do it’s thing (have you ever seen 127 Hours?).

It was last night that I saw our first mouse- I’m sure we will have and see more… I was in the kitchen a little after dark, which is basically 5 p.m. these days, and I saw that sucker race from the fridge to behind the washer. “DOUG! I just saw a mouse!” The kids came running and Doug barely flinched- figures lol. He grew up on farms and is not phased by our tiny, fury friend (who is, additionally reinforced under a glass dish and a 5lb weight sitting on top). Since he is so unphased by live mice surely, he’ll have no problem discarding them in the morning because momma cain’t be doing that now, amiright?

The sun has completely enthralled us. It rises through our family room window like a dreamy watercolor post card each morning. Honestly, we are all enamored by it like we’ve never seen a sunrise before. For it’s next party trick, the sun has been shining all kinds of light and warmth on the otherwise brisk days that keep my kids outside literally, all day.

We haven’t had a functioning tv since we moved. Getting the internet hooked up has been challenging. Even the tv itself has proven to be a bit of an issue. It’s like the house is actively trying to keep screens away and our feet headed for the door. And really who can be mad about that?

The kids are building mud pits, fashioning storefronts out of their play house and selling eachother sticks, rocks and clay for just a few blades of grass each- such a deal! They come in dirty and starving and run back out the door as soon as they‘ve tossed their plates in the sink. No dishwasher y’all- so that’s been an adjustment. I am busy unboxing and purging and organizing and eliminating the excess of junk we really don’t need. Especially now that we are in a home half the size of our last! I can‘t believe how much STUFF we brought with us- and that’s after selling and donating even! I’m usually a “more is more” kinda girl but I feel that I’m joyfully rethinking that!

I’ll wrap this up with a few pictures from our first week-ish. The kids living out my wildest dreams for them💕. Our family room, which I think is going to stay un-painted! Who knew wood paneling could feel so cozy and cute?! And God love them, some moo-ing cows which are the cutest and loudest neighbors, which we welcome!

Wishing you a happy and easy week ahead,


p.s. Got any mice control tips? Would love to read about your experience below in comments!


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