Last Week on the Farm...

I'm going to just warn you here and now that this post today may feel a bit like a charcuterie of topics...

This past week we've had roller coaster-y home school days that are spent inside, outside and sometimes even just cozied up in bed. I've been mixing up meals and recipes while trying to use what we have in the kitchen already. Truly, just enjoying the simple rhythms that make up our days and weeks. I'd like to share them with you- mostly through pictures.

I also want to share a recipe for a simple mixture that helped me tremendously this week. Last Thursday I started feeling quite poorly and by Friday morning I decidedly couldn't get out of bed! Thank goodness Dougie could work from home and keep up with all the kiddos! Be sure to check it out below!

Home schooling your kiddos also means feeding them minimum 82 times a day. Sometimes I feel like cooking something up warming and nourishing and other times I pray they get so busy playing they forget about lunch. Fancy feeling "lunchable" plate is always a big win. "Yay! Snacks for lunch!" they all cheer! Seriously, bet you have most of this on hand already. Just shop your deli meat drawer and pantry.

Some days I can tell we ALLL need much less book work and sitting down in our school day and MUCH more movement, curiosity and imagination. Have you heard of the 1,000 hours challenge? Where you intentionally get atleast 1,000 hours outside in a year? We haven't done that yet but I can easily see the appeal. Rain or shine we are all happier, more patient and generally more thoughtful after we simply get outside. On this day we were exploring our land in the rain. We have nearly 12 acres and a semi-wooded creek area past the back pasture. The boys came up with an entire story about hidden treasure and tunnels spanning the land. It's also the day that likely cooked up the bug I started to feel later...

Sissy Rosie got her first big date! Doug took her to a local father and daughter dance that's held each year close to Valentines Day. I have to say it was so precious to watch her piece together what was happening in each moment. He got to create her first memory and begin to set the expectation for how she should be treated as she gets older!

Nothing like getting to snuggle up in your bed on a rainy day, with a mug of hot bone broth, a mixture of eucalyptus and tree oils pumping into the air so they can do their thing in and for your (unwell) body! I was hit hard with some funk that didn't want to leave my sinuses but sure enough- it was remedied and kicked out!

Check out this simple chest rub that works wonders and opens up your airways with ease! I couldn't get enough of the smell or the results last week! Will you try it?

Want to try a sample of this? Comment in the section below this blog and let me know! I'll send you some to try! Until next week, have a sweet one!

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