Turns out we bought a farm...

You know how you joke with your friends and family that one day your going to say, "to hell with it- let's just buy a bunch of land and have one of those communes!"? Well, I guess we kind of did that..

I mean, it's not a commune yet (although I still have hopes my parents and family will still move onto the nearly 12 acres we almost own...), but with the way things look and feel these days I'm not opposed. The thing is, I really never saw this coming. Just ask anyone who new Rachel prior to 2017. I am not the one. Ha! add that statement to a laundry list of 180 degree changes in the last handful of years. What I'm saying is, I never imagined in my wildest I would be interested in moving onto a farm and like doing the whole chicken and land thing...

But, here we are, and I am here to tell you that people really DO change! We uproot our hopeful family of five to a house half the size of our current, plus a whole buncha more land and trees and dreams in about 10ish days from the time I'm typing this. So here's to a new adventure. A new blog and new experiences. Here's to sharing what we learn and bringing you along.

From settling in, to learning to bake bread, to raising and growing our own food by way of busier but simpler living. I hope you'll learn alongside us on our homestead.

-writing to you in hope and joy, Rach.

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